Lilac Hollow

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Lilac Hollow is a town built on map 5. It is owned by TheAstroMoo and Jackypataky. Co-owners are Nishaan0316, alldemrainbows, and ConnorTheAce. It is located at X=-5450 Z=-580, near map 5 subway station 5,1, and is protected by a wall that encircles the entire town.

Other residents include Starlett4599, Buttercup, Kester355, Waggles25, NickCrusher, ILuvFrizzAndDev, _Wither_King, TheD3rpHuman, Wizaboy, PigglyPlaysMC, TheD3rpBacca, Minino, BM0_, WildJack2002, SoapBubbles, KarateCreeper, Woch_Man, Ggabby, WasteDweller, KnightZach, JurrayKings, and Gman.


The Town Square

The town square features a giant well lit jungle tree draping vines down to the paved walkway. To the north is a gated wall listing the town's rules and membership. The south side features a wall of community furnaces

Lilac Hollow Town Square

Community Pool

The community pool, renovated by ConnorTheAce, features three diving boards, lounch chairs, a patio umbrella and a grill.

Lilac Hollow Community Pool


Connor The Ace's House

Upon entering, you find yourself in a well decorated space. Many banners adorn the walls. To your right is a kitchen and living room with a sofa and television. To your left is the dining room and stairs that lead to the second floor. In front of you is a door that leads out to the garden. There are also a lifts down to the bathroom and the laboratory.

The second floor features an office, lounge, two pet cats, and a door that leads out to a patio. There is a lift that leads up to a 3rd floor storage area. From there, you can take a lift up to Connor's room, which occupies the 4th floor and has a spectacular view of the town. If you venture out onto the roof, you will also find a lift sign down to a secret area.

The bathroom is designed well, with towel racks, a brick bathtub, sink, and a working glass walled shower.

The laboratory features an enchanting area, furnaces, brewing stand, a working rubbish bin, a nether portal, and a door to Connor's Hall of Fame.

ConnorTheAce's House

Frizz's Crib

Frizz's Crib lies immediately adjacent to and East of the town square. As you enter the main living room, you are welcomed by a cozy couch for watching television, and a roaring fire in the fireplace. A door to the eat-in kitchen is on the far wall. To your right is a hallway with a closet and a stairway leading up to the bedroom and bathroom. Next to the TV is a lift sign down to the "Man Cave"

Frizz's Crib


JackyPataky's Market

JackyPataky's Market is a great place to stock up on food items. It is located just off the Southeast corner of the town square. It also featured a community chest area for the town members to share items. Unfortunately many of these were destroyed by vandals.

Jackypataky's Market