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Duckky & Ash by pilotkip

Duckky and Ash were taking me to look at a project they were building. As we stood in the tree tops I had them pose for a portrait.

Duckky & Ash

Cheese's Death Dive Game by pilotkip

Cheese created a game in his village where players jump from a dirigible down a hole. It was technically possible to land safely, but extremely difficult. We ended up getting yelled at for spamming chat with player death notices. Sorry! Death Dive

Photos from the Festival Event by pilotkip


Razer4Lyfe, TheAssassin1, & HBU were the three fastest players in our WipeOut course!



Thanks to Ekim and Marvin for running ModBall. Sadly the tournament had to be scrubbed due to inclement lag....


xSnowx is crowned the Spleef champion of TimGaming, after winning 3 of 3 rounds in the tournament.

xSnowx kicking butt in Spleef

Some players struck it BIG at the Lucky Dip game...

FestivalLuckyDip b.png

Fireworks are always a great way to end the evening!