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ZonkoLand is the name of a series of amusement parks that have graced the TimGaming maps since Map 2. They have traditionally been a "hidden gem" of TimGaming, designed to amaze and delight travelers that happen upon them. They contain a huge assortment of working attractions, including roller coasters, mazes, and a variety of games. A delightful and sometimes dark humor delights the perceptive visitor.


Zonkoland in Map 2

Zonkoland in Map 3

Zonkoland in Map 4

Zonkoland in Map 5

Players traveling to Map 5 should absolutely visit Zonkoland. Make your way to the entrance at X=3287, Z=1389. To the West you will see the subway station that brought visitors to the park. To the North is the wall listing the many contributors to the park. And finally, to the East is the main gate.

Main Gate

The Main Gate of Zonkoland

There are two entry lanes at the main gate. Admission, as always, is free but guests are encouraged to drop donations into hoppers as they pass. Traffic through the gates remains orderly as separate lanes are used by guests who are leaving the park. Once you make it through the main gate, you find yourself at the Town Square.

Town Square

The Zonkoland Town Square at night

The town square was once a bustling hive of activity. Flanked by stores and shops, it is also bordered by the Zonkoland train station. There you can ride one of two loops that take you on a tour of the park. Be sure to visit the Zonkoland Subway down stairs.

Haunted Mansion

The Haunted Mansion of Zonkoland

Located just to the South of the Town Square lies the entrance to a long, wooded path. It is said that the mansion that lies at the end of the path is full of terrors. Some have said that a terrible deed occurred there. Will you be able to make it through?

Roller Coaster

Zonkoland Casino

Board Walk

Shifting Sands Maze

Jungle Adventure

Snowler Coaster

Faerie Land

Fireworks Shows

Wipe Out

China Town

Zonkoland's China Town from Map 5

Along the Southernmost border of Zonkoland in map 5 lies China Town. Visitors can stroll the many pathways and tour relaxing gardens. They may also thrill on the Samaurai, a roller coaster inspired by the movements of the Samaurai warrior!

Zonkoland's Samurai Roller Coaster from Map 5

Moon Launch Ride

Abandoned Factory Ride